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Good Luck

By January 27, 2013No Comments

Red CloverAlong my front walkway is a bed seeded with red clover. I bought the seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange a full year prior to moving into the house. The day we seeded, it rained and the seeds floated away, or so we thought. I now have clumps and mounds of large leafed clover growing and Irish Eyes are smiling upon Biddan Ridge because we have found five four leaf clovers with minimal searching. Evan also found a FIVE leaf clover. We have set them to press so they can be framed in glass to hang in the house. I do not believe in luck. I think you make your good fortune through hard work, tenacity, perseverance and a clear vision of your dreams. But, it is a lovely discovery to find abundant validation even if it is in the form of shamrocks.


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