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Old Fashioned Fudge Bars

By July 15, 2013No Comments

One vital goal that is paramount to Biddan Ridge becoming all that I envision is for the food we eat to be made from scratch. I want the land to grow some of our food. It’s why I have honeybees and have fruit and nut trees plant about the 3.55 acres. It’s why I planted an additional eight blueberry shrubs today and why I have worked to relocate and domesticate some of the blackberries that run wild and sprout up in all the beds.

Today, I made Popsicles or rather Fudgsicles. Cameron and I did research looking for pop recipes and discovered Martha Stewart’s Fudgsicle recipe. I made them this morning and set them to freeze all day. here is the recipe. I bought the mold from Amazon here.

Popsicle mold

Fudgsicles 100_8821

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