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Cherry Blackberry Jam

By July 20, 2013No Comments


I bought a bag of cherries at Publix. I like to fill a bowl with the cherries and cover them with ice when I am working in the yard. I then nibble on cold cherries as a refreshment. The cherries lose their freshness and crispness after about a week in the crisper. I dislike that they might spoil and end up in the compost pile so I decided to take the blackberry juice I harvested from the last four cups of wild blackberries I picked and mix it with the pitted cherries. I added four cups of

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sugar and a teaspoon of butter. I brought the whole thing to a rolling boil and skimmed off the foam. I stood and stirred the boiling jam for 30 minutes. The house lost power in a huge thunderstorm, but my gas Kenmore Pro range kept on trucking. I now have six half pints of Cherry-Blackberry jam. It will go perfectly on my fresh baked whole wheat bread tomorrow morning. I’ll scramble some eggs and make coffee….perfection!

Cherry Blackberry jam

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