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Field Trip

By August 11, 2013No Comments

The seasons feel like they are shifting, if just a small fraction. It was 73F this morning and foggy. While it climbed into the mid 90’s by mid afternoon, there was a breeze. Fall is coming and I look forward to the fall yard and garden.

My fall seeds arrived from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I picked a few things I know we can add to the Thanksgiving table: pole and snap beans, carrots, and lettuces. I will pull down the last of the spring garden, even though there are still tomatoes growing. I need to make small soil amendments and prepare for planting. I paid $10 for University of Florida IFAS Extension Office to do a soil evaluation and I am really pleased. Like I said, I only need to make small amendments. What I really need to to do better at controlling pests and I think that may be more related to me planting too densely. After I pull up the basil tomorrow, I will saves seeds and make pesto and herb cubes.

My youngest and I drove to Thomasville Georgia today to take a class at Sweetgrass Dairy farms on how to make mozzarella cheese. I like learning new skills and making fresh mozzarella, ricotta and feta will be cool.  Southern Georgia is chock a block full of pecan orchards and cotton farms. Evan challenges me saying, “We could grow our own cotton and make our own clothes.” I am not that ambitious but I am super thankful that my 21st century child knows how his clothes are made and that they are GROWN, like his food….although he thought pineapples grew on trees. We’re still working on some of this stuff.


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