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Breaking fast

By September 7, 2013No Comments

When it comes time to celebrate the one year anniversary of my dream home, I debated how to commemorate. Should I have a large blow out with a band and a food truck? Make some noise and get a bit rowdy? For a moment, that felt like the correct path. Then last weekend, for my birthday, some dear girl friends came in the morning of my birthday with breakfast and we broke bread and celebrated the day as the sun came up. It was appropriate; its my favorite time of day. So, instead of trying to cull a large group or to set about the inaugural 1900 Secret Supper Club, I decided to invite a friend, her dear husband and their three sons. Since I have my boys for the weekend, cooking a meal and setting a table for a potentially rambunctious group of boys was perfect. It is part of my dream about this house: gatherings, the noisier the better centered around food and kitchen messes. I hemmed about the menu because there are some dietary restrictions. Given that this is Rosh Shashanah weekend, avoiding pork, shellfish and the meat-in-dairy simplified my culinary imaginings. Stick to the simple, albeit Southern Simple.

Pimento cheese with Cracktastic Crackers with Husk’s Light Dragoon punch; organic Barlett pears with three cheeses and balsamic vinegar; Hereford beef tenderloin with cracked peppercorn and horseradish sauce; corn pudding or Alexsandra’s rosemary potatoes; garlic green beans and dessert. I made Martha Stewart’s fudge bars last night for the boys. I’ll make some Smitten Kitchen Intense Chocolate Sables to pair with coffee and a fresh black and red plum galette with fresh whipped cream to pair with a French pink Louis Perdrier. It will be a quiet celebration.

Next month I will plan the Inaugural 1900 Secret Supper Club. I’ll invite my closest friends to celebrate my ultra gourmet cooking that has cult status in the legal community.


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