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By September 15, 2013No Comments

My enthusiasm gets ahead of me sometimes. Sometimes as easily as my pessimism can knock my feet out from under me. I went out this morning to check on the bees and to replace the sugar water. I’ve been less that diligent about the sugar welfare, as I think there is plenty of pollen and nectar in the wild blackberries, flowers and grasses in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, my second hive has collapsed…or swarmed. I can’t tell. But the hive box is abandoned and the next door neighbor bees have hacked the hive like a bunch of squatters and crackheads. The comb is also occupied by some moths and some kind of webweaver insect that I could not find. Only their webs served as proof of their existence. I have been overly hopeful that bees, given a hive and a place to roam and gather pollen will capitalize on the free housing. In exchange, they’d give me some honey and pollinate my flowers and fruit trees. I am sent back to the drawing boards, chat boards and text books to figure out what I am missing.

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