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Frost proof

By March 14, 2014No Comments

I am hoping tonight is the last night of cold. We’ll have frost in the morning. I hope it’s the end of the frost. I’ve checked my pecan trees every afternoon, looking for the first leaves to shoot. Pecans are wise and knowledgeable. They do not set leaves until the winter frosts have ended. While I have the brilliant shock of fuchsia on my redbuds and the pears have leaves and blossoms, the pecans stubbornly stand bare and leafless. It feels like the other five are standing vigil over the 6th because they know their comrade ain’t coming back this spring. He made a single strain at a life once transplanted, but lost all his leave to webworms and then died. I think. Like I said, I won’t know until the trees set leaves.

Luckily, I’ll pick my last two heads of cabbage for St. Patrick’s day and then the gardens will be bare with the exceptions of the leeks and sweet onions. There is always a silver lining to gardening. You cna always plant more seeds. If something fails, it gets composted and replaced. Crops rotate, seasons change and I get to try new stuff.

Please let tomorrow be the last of the frost.

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