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Spring has sprung

By March 24, 2014No Comments

Well, as the lore says, winter is over when the pecan trees bud out. My pecans have budded, the pears have set flowers along with the peach, chickasaw plum and the ornamental Japanese purple leaf maple. The figs have started to show new buds and the newly planted raspberry canes have begun to put out new shoots.

Raspberry caneI went to the Kanapaha Garden Festival Saturday and came home with a new native azalea.

Native AzaleaI also got a camellia japonica, the pink perfection variety.

Camellia, pink perfectionI bought four new agapanthus and two new repeating day lilies: the Off to See the Wizard and the Sparks Blue Bayou. Both of these daylilies have purple and blue in them, which will be a nice addition to a day lily bed heavy in apricots, oranges, lemon yellows and ruffled creams. Then as I walked around the yard, I started spying new spring flowers on current residents, like th flattened ajuga being crowded out by the sedum at the front door and the clover, tenaciously growing up in the cracks between the pavers.

Ajuga, floweringClover

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