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Beehive update

By June 17, 2014No Comments

I don’t have pictures. I wish I had pictures. I can see the beehive from the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, dawn had come and the slightest bit of daylight had started to illuminate the day. It was before 6am. I looked out at the hive and the entire front of the hive looked like it was plastered with dead, black sycamore leaves. I was in my pajamas and didn’t want to go outside and I was pressed for time and couldn’t suit up to go REALLY check the hive. I stood on the back porch with binoculars and watched the swarm of bees undulating on the front of the hive and I had a sinking feeling.

The hive is fixing to swarm away. Again.

I showered and got dressed. I made my lunch and my to go mug of coffee. I left for work and a full schedule which always awaits me when I’ve been away from the office. I worried about the hive and watch the sky. When the afternoon thunderstorms came and I was still at the office I knew I’d never get into the hive today. So, I went to the gym and did my normal Monday routine. Then the sky cleared and I raced home.

With the help from Mr. Steve, a neighbor and fellow bee enthusiast, we “got into the hive”. And it has not swarmed. Just the opposite. It is healthy and vibrant and simply amazing. I wish I have a GoPlay camera on my hood to film the stunning magic of the bees. There is no other words for it. It’s just magical. So, I added another super. So now I have 20 regular frames and now 10 half frames and seriously expanding brood of bees with a queen who is doing a fantastic job and whom we SAW today.

I had a big dilemma tonight: fresh honey on my toast or freshly made blackberry jam from yesterday. Such a lovely dilemma.

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