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One of my favorite flowers is the Stoke’s aster or Stokesia. It comes in three varieties: dark lilac, light lilac and white. The white is really uncommon; I’ve only seen it at the garden center once. I prefer the purple versions and I have found that the asters can be propagated. Last year I did a quick and cheater version of reseeding but simply sweeping the spend blooms under the pine straw mulch. Low and behold, those seed pods have managed to grow into small plants. I think that if I did a better (more intentional) job of planting seeds that have been removed from their dried flower pods, I’d have better results.

Stoke's asters

These are the dead flower pods I cut from the blooms above.

Drying flower pods

Each flower pod has a beautiful Fibonacci example of seeds. Each seed COULD become a plant.

Aster seed podAster seeds

Maybe this will be a Christmas gift idea? I’ve also got purple cone flowers drying. Their seeds are different and their drying time may be longer.


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