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Time Flies

By October 3, 2014No Comments

I last posted in July. July. J.U.L.Y.! Shameful. So much has been going on. I realized that gardening, specifically a food garden, in the summer is impossible. Insane. After returning from our trip to London, with a swift jaunt out to a well-known ring of ancient stones, work and life got crazy-busy. The Oldest went off to college. The Younger started high school. The Oldest disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of Freshman year and the Younger has joined the JV football team. Practice every day until 6:30PM. He has been exceptionally committed, surprising me a great deal. He has earned so much respect from me, watching him commit to the game and the team. It has made me think about what we pass on to our children. My children have learned tenacity and are both stubbornly determined. I like that. Few things beat determination. Maybe dumbass luck. Maybe a silver spoon. But determination beats genius almost every day of the week. It beat privilege and entitlement, too. I wonder where they learned it?  Here are some of the new happenings at Biddan Ridge.

The Bees at Biddan Ridge are quite happy and productive.Capped frames Sep 2014

The gardens are replanted and also content. The fourth bed is covered in 6 mil black plastic and composting for the early spring plantings.100_1378

The new pecan tree is settling in nicely, having replaced the Lost One. All the trees and roses have been fertilized. The blackberry ribbon has gotten weeded and will get mulched soon. It’s time to order a cord of firewood and make fire starters… soon as the pine cones drop. I ordered raspberry canes that will arrive in January that are hearty to Zone 10. Whoop! And fall has arrived.

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