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A goal for Biddan Ridge is to be increasingly self sufficient. Grow some of my own food. Plant a small orchard that produces a variety of fruits and nuts. And to utilize things off my property is a sustainable way. I compost from my kitchen and have been able to draw fresh compost for replanting bulbs and shrubs. And, of course, there are the bees.

Collected conesYesterday, after work, I wanted to be out in the yard but the day was dwindling swiftly. I took the chance to collect the fallen pine cones from around the sentry long leaf pines. This was my allotment.

You need to prepare the area in the kitchen while working or the melted paraffin drips everywhere. 100_1524


paraffin can pine cones pine cones

I dip the cones in melted paraffin and use them as firestarters through out the winter. Sometimes give them as gifts but it’s important to ask if people have wood burning fireplaces, otherwise, the gift is meaningless. Firestarter storageI have an abundance of starts for myself and the trees are still releasing cones.

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