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Beating summer heat

By July 17, 2016No Comments

Summer at Biddan Ridge is a whole lot of dang heat! Too much heat and not enough rain. And when it rains, it is preceded by an hour of lightening strikes which invariably costs me a few light bulbs – usually in the entryway ceiling fixture that requires two people and two ladders to change. Minor design hassle that you do not and cannot foresee when you plan a house and select fixtures.
thunderheadandlightening I75thunderhead I don’t do much gardening (or weeding) during the summer. I can’t stand the heat or the fire ants. So, we camp out inside, watch Netflix or some other binge-worthy show and cook good, fresh food and chill in our A/C. Avoiding turning on the oven, especially for anything other than baking cookies, seems unnecessary. High protein salad with buttermilk Bleu cheese dressing hits the summer spot.
wedgiesaladAnd you have to finish it off with some of the best ice cream EVER. Southern Craft Creamery won the Garden&Gun magazine’s Best of the South award a few years ago and we order it online. I was super happy to find it for sale locally at Lucky’s Market. Lucky is right! We did a little taste test to rate and compare. Both were winners!


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