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The Hub

By January 17, 2015No Comments

Finding true comfort requires living in a space for a bit. Then you can make adjustments to improve the flow of ¬†your home. The Hub is the game room, the residence of the PS4. It never felt quite right in it previous arrangement. My son was constantly dragging the slipper chair in front of the sofa to sit in while gaming. I prefer to see the screen of the TV so I can verify what he is playing or watching. Viola! I rearranged the room. I had to raise a few of the wall hangings. The last step is to make the heavy draperies to create a black out curtain for the east facing window. I found the perfect fabric at JoAnn’s. I am still in search of window hardware that mount flush with the wall and omits any light seeping around the edges.

The Hub The Hub corner The HUb doorwayThe Hub patio doors

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